Autumn bonfire and wild olive – Whitney model


This hand-crafted fountain pen – inspired by the colours of an autumn bonfire: rich reds and golds and rustic wood – is now available in the Whitney model.

The wild olive wood appears contorted and cracked after many decades of this tree having lived in a harsh environment, yet in this pen the wood is warm and smooth to the touch, though with tiny imperfections here and there due to it being a natural material. Each line in its grain tells a story, including survival and regrowth after fires. We knew this particular wild olive tree well as it grew outside the workshop on the farm we lived on in the Cederberg. The tree eventually burned down in a devastating wild fire that swept through the area, yet years later the stump was still lying there and we discovered the wood was in excellent condition. If all those lines are the equivalent of rings showing years of growth, then this was a very, very old tree.

When it comes to the price, it is higher than for our other pens due to the time it takes and the complexity of the work involved. As the wood is not sufficiently stable on its own, Dave virtually has to make two pens: one a hidden insert to maintain the pen’s strength and the second being the outer ‘skin’ of wood and resin.

We have made a few of these blanks that could be made into this Whitney model, or into an Heirloom model (with a brass inner liner and brass rings at either end, or into a Heritage model. Please take a look at the model options and let us know what appeals.)

This fountain pen can be made to fit either a Bock #6 nib or a Jowo #6 nib (supplied with the pen).

The Whitney model


The Whitney Model is a large pen which is gently tapered at both cap and barrel ends. It has slightly conical finials. The cap is a flush fit with the barrel.


mm inches
Total length (closed) 146 5,7
Length (pen only no cap) 136 5,4
Diameter at widest point (excl. cap) 15,6 0,61
Width of section at narrowest point 10,7 0,42
Section length 25 0,98
Cap thread 14 0,55

The section can be made to fit either a Bock #6 or a Jowo #6 nib.

Refill type:

Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.


International shipping to your door via DHL Express is R350 and should take less than 10 days once despatched. Pens are securely packed.

Shipping within South Africa to your door is R60.

More information on this model is available here.