Be-Baubled fountain pens


We are continually updating our Christmas Baubles that we released in 2020 with a new ranges of beaded fountain pens. Be-Baubled is a new series: A green body, streaked with shimmer, with purple finials, and lashings of beads and baubles. The beads are Japanese Miyuki Delicas and the baubles are Miyuki gold-plated rocaille beads.

The connection between beads and Africa has a long history. Early bead adornments going back 50 000 years have been excavated in a cave on South Africa’s coast and glass beads became ‘currency’ when traders arrived on our shores. Some slaves were apparently traded for beads! In modern times, beading with intricate patterns has become an iconic part of some African cultures, with specific styles associated with rites of passage such as getting married, and traditional healers can be identified by their distinctive bead-wear.

These be-baubled, beaded pens are a celebration of colour and are intended to bring a sparkle into everyday life.

In the last two photos we show images of the original African Miyuki Magic : Christmas Baubles pens that we made in 2020. If that style is of interest, please send us a message as we can still create pens along those lines.


African Miyuki Magic model


This model is a beaded pen that we make in a number of different variations in terms of the areas that can be beaded: either the cap or the barrel, or both cap and barrel. It is a wide pen with sides that appear parallel, however this is a slight taper between the beaded areas and the finials. The finials are very slightly conical and the cap is a flush fit with the barrel.


mm inches
Total length (closed) 144 5,7
Length (pen only no cap) 133 5,2
Diameter at widest point (excl. cap) 16 0,6
Width of section at narrowest point 10,8 0,42
Section length 25 1
Cap thread 14 0,55

The section can be made to fit either a Bock #6 or a Jowo #6 nib.

Refill type:

Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.


International shipping to your door via DHL Express is R350 and should take less than 10 days once despatched. Pens are securely packed.

Shipping within South Africa to your door is R60.

More information on this model is available here.