Moons of Jupiter fountain pen : Io


This is the fourth in the series: The Moons of Jupiter, and represents what we think Io might look like, with Jupiter in the background.

This pen has mottled yellow/gold moons with a dash of sparkle. The grip section is likewise a streaky, mottled gold/bronze/yellow with some inner sparks, representing Io’s constant eruptions. The main body is as black as space.

Io (pronounced¬†eye-oh) is a bit bigger than Earth’s moon, but much more active with volcanoes spewing lava miles high above its surface. Some of these eruptions are so powerful they can even be seen with powerful telescopes from earth. The planet’s crust is believed to be made up mostly of molten sulphur and some silicates, which explains its bright yellow, mottled appearance.

The Dainty Dafoe model


As the name suggests, this is a feminine, dainty pen. The nib end of the barrel curves in toward the section, which is tapered to follow the shape of the barrel. The gentle curves on both the cap and the barrel lead to a narrow waist in the middle.


mm inches
Total length (closed) 132 5,2
Length (pen only no cap) 127 5
Diameter at widest point (excl. cap) 15,1 0,6
Width of section at narrowest point 10,1 0,4
Section length 25 1
Cap thread 13 0,5


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More information on this model is available here.