The Dafoe Model in Silk


This is the launch of our new model, The Dafoe Model, and our new series: Silk. The Dafoe Model is exceptionally comfortable to write with and fits in my (medium-sized) hand as if they were made for one another. (In fact, I may claim that due to a superglue incident I cannot part with this particular one.) Uncapped, the shape of the pen is curvaceous, forming one continuous line from the widest point of the barrel to the end of the section.

Capped, the pen tapers in both directions, with flat ends and a gently nipped waist where the cap meets the barrel.

Each pen is unique as they are made from handpainted silk ribbons which have been set in a random pattern in resin, with the colour of the resin specifically mixed to complement the silk in that particular pen. Please send us a message as to the colour combination that you would like and we will do our best to make a custom pen for you.

The Dafoe model


The Dafoe model is relatively long and curvaceous. We wanted to create a pen that has flowing lines and a feminine shape, hence the barrel is curved and narrows towards the section, flowing into the tapered section. The cap is also tapered. The finials are very slightly conical.


mm inches
Total length (closed) 150 5,9
Length (pen only no cap) 138 5,4
Diameter at widest point (excl. cap) 16,1 0,63
Width of section at narrowest point 11,2 0,44
Section length 25 1
Cap thread 14 0,55

The section can be made to fit either a Bock #6 or a Jowo #6 nib.

Refill type:

Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.


International shipping to your door via DHL Express is R350 and should take less than 10 days once despatched. Pens are securely packed.

Shipping within South Africa to your door is R60.

More information on this model is available here.