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How to add/remove products, update theme/plugins/Wordpress & backup your website

Video Outline:

0:30 – How to add a single product to your shop
7:45 – How to add a product with multiple options to your shop
11:05 – How to make a product out of stock
12:35 – How to delete a product
13:15 – How to update WordPress, themes & plugins
15:35 – How to backup your website

How to add a blog post

Blog images:

Featured image size: 800 x 533px, 72dpi + compressed on TinyPng.com

Preparing Images to Upload

In the video, I mention Tiny PNG for compressing your images. Here is a link to Tiny PNG: https://tinypng.com/

For your products, images should be 800×800 px, 72dpi, and under 300kB. Anything larger than this will slow your website down, which is not good for user experience, or Google rankings.

For more information about the process of preparing your images for your website, I have written a blog post about it here:https://www.websitesforartists.co.za/how-to-prepare-images-for-your-website/

Website Marketing Tips

For social media marketing:

  1. Don’t try to be on all the platforms, you will spread yourself too thin. Rather do one or two platforms REALLY WELL.
  2. Know who your ideal customer is and find out which social platforms they use.
  3. Be consistent. Commit to posting on a regular schedule.
  4. Preferably, create native posts for the one or two social platforms that you have chosen. This means, don’t automatically get Instagram posts to be pushed to your Facebook and vice versa. Different things are required for different platforms, and algorithms treat you more kindly when you are obviously posting a native post. e.g. every Facebook post should have a link to your website but no hashtags, every Instagram post should have hashtags but no link.
  5. Show the personality of you and your brand in your social media captions. People connect with people.
  6. To save time and automate: schedule your social media posts once a week (or however often works for you). Facebook posts can be scheduled in the Publishing Tools (top navigation bar) of your Facebook Page. Instagram posts can be scheduled in an app like Later.com or Planoly. Both have free versions that I find adequate.
  7. Don’t forget to check on your social media accounts every day or two to respond to comments and questions.

For more information about driving traffic to your website from Facebook, I have written a blog post about it here: https://www.websitesforartists.co.za/optimize-your-facebook-page-to-drive-traffic-to-your-website/

Other marketing tips:

  1. Your most valuable marketing channel is your email list. A relevant lead magnet is the best way to get the right people to sign up to your list.
  2. Send regular emails to your list. (Once a month is good).

SEO tips for blogging:

  1. Choose your main keyword before you start writing your blog post.
  2. Include your keyword (or phrase) in your title, image name, first paragraph of the post, once or twice in the rest of the post, in a sub title in your post.

About your site

The WordPress theme your site is built with is called Divi.

About WordPress:

If you find yourself wanting to better understand WordPress, I recommend the videos at https://www.wpbeginner.com/