[Sold] Tutankhamun & Anubis hand-painted fountain pen


Val Myburgh has painted a magnificent rendition of the mask of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian pharaoh who died young (in his 19th year), and of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of funerals and of embalming and guide into the underworld. She has captured the exquisite detail in Tutankhamun’s golden mask which, according to Wikipedia, was “… inlaid with coloured glass and gemstones, including lapis lazuli (the eye surrounds and eyebrows), quartz (the eyes), obsidian (the pupils), carnelian, amazonite, turquoise, and faience” (a very specialised type of pottery glaze). She has also included his triple-string necklace in gold and blue in exceptional detail. How Tutankhamun died remains uncertain however there is evidence of a knee injury that might have been caused by a high-speed chariot accident, as well as evidence of a malarial infection.

Anubis was the god who helped people transition from this life to the next stage. He stood in the Hall of Two Truths and weighed the departed person’s heart against Ma’at’s feather of truth. If the heart weighed more than the feather, the person’s soul would be destroyed but if it weighed the same as the feather, the person’s soul would travel through the Underworld and into the Afterlife. In Val’s painting, Anubis is holding a flail in one hand and a Was sceptre in the other. At the top of this sceptre is the head of Set, God of Choas, and the twin tines at the bottom are a weapon against the Apep, the giant serpent of evil who every night tries to devour the sun god, Ra. Val has also painted some of the hieroglyphics found in Tutankhamun’s tomb on the pen’s barrel, and the eye of Ra on the barrel finial.

The fountain pen was made by us at Stanford Pen Studio, painted by Val then coated in a clear resin by ourselves and given its final shape, polished, and buffed. We have added a glossy black grip section, as well as a silver section ring and cap band, and our silver logo medallion is embedded in the cap finial.

Each of our hand-painted fountain pens is a 1/1 original work of art. No-one else will ever own an identical pen.


This pen can be bought with an 18kt gold #6 nib (we have only fine or medium in stock), or a steel Jowo #6 nib (in fine, medium or broad).

The Jabulani model


This is a gently curvaceous model, with a relatively wide girth of 16 mm (0,6″) narrowing to a 10,5 mm (0,4″)  grip section. It has our logo on the finial, and the finial is ever-so-slightly rounded, rather than dead flat, which adds to the pen’s elegance.


  mm inches
Total length (closed)  148 5,8 
Length (pen only no cap) 136  5,3 
Diameter at widest point (excl. cap) 16  0,6 
Width of section at narrowest point 10,5  0,4 
Section length 25  10 
Cap thread 14  0,5 

The section can be made to fit either a Bock #6 or a Jowo #6 nib.

Refill type:

Standard international fountain pen converter (supplied) or ink cartridge.


International shipping to your door via DHL Express is R350 and should take less than 10 days once despatched. Pens are securely packed.

Shipping within South Africa to your door is R60.

More information on this model is available here.